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NANJIL NADAN  the winner of the Indian Government's highest Literary Award , the Sahitya Akademi 
Award for Tamil , in  2010 is a native of Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu.  He was awarded the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award for his , "SOODIYA POO SOODARKA"[2010]. 

His birth,  place of birth , parents and education : The original name of Nanjil  Nadan is  G. Subramaniam , and he was privileged to born in one of the most beautiful , important and idyllically cute  villages of Kanyakumari District, called Veera Narayanamangaslam, in Thovalaai Taluk, Nanjil Nadu ,Kanyakumari District.  Nanjil Nadan [G. Subramaniam]  was born to Mr. Ganapathia pillai and Saraswathi Ammal , in 1947.  Nanjil  Nadan's  native village Veera Narayanamangalam is located on the eastern bank of the famous , historical  and perennial river Pazhayar, near Boothapandi Village  [the birth place of the great leader Jeevanantham ]. Nanjil Nadan  was a very brilliant student  and he passed his M.Sc in Mathematics with flying colors.

His family  : He is leading a happy and blessed married life  with his wife and children . his wife's name is Santhiya .  They  are blessed with one son and one daughter . His  daughter  Sangeetha is a medical doctor and his son Ganesh is an engineer . Ever since Nanjil Nadan moved with his family to Coimbatore  in 1989, he  has been  living in Coimbatore with his family.

Early stages of his literary career  :  After having passed his  M.Sc [Mathematics] degree, in 1972, he moved to the then Bombay[Mumbai] in connection with  his  employment  . There  at Mumbai ,  the Mumbai Tamil Sangam ,played a very deciding to role to shape and encourage the  literary career of  Nanjil Nadan . He is a born reader , thinker and writer ; his  natural literary taste and urge spontaneously attracted and connected him with the Mumbai Tamil  Sangam .  He developed his Tamil  literary knowledge by reading the books  at the library  at  Mumbai Tamil Sangam .  He was highly infatuated towards  the great Tamil work Kamba-Ramayanam  and not only he mastered Kamba Ramayanam , but also he has developed  great reverence and love for Kamban and his Ramayana. It is said that he used to read at least 2 books every day. He started his literary career,in the Mumbai Tamil Sangam's literary magazine, "Aedu"

Nanjil Nadan's writing  and literary accomplishments : Nanjil Nadan is a prolific,  inspiring  and multi-faceted Writer.  His first  short story  in Tamil titled ," Viradham " was privileged to be published in N. Parthasarathy's  "Deepam"  magazine in1975.   Afterwards there  was no turning back for him  in his writing career . He  has written  many  notable short stories, poems , essays   and novels of very high order .

His Tamil Novels   :  Nanjil Nadan's first [1] Tamil novel by name, "Thalaikeezh Vigithangal ", was published in 1977; and it was an instant best seller . This land mark and lovely novel   has gone through 8 editions and so far 18000 copies of this monumental novel  have  been sold  .This novel was later adapted into a Tamil Film called , "Solla Marantha  Kathai"  by Thangar Bachan in 2002.; [2] Embiladanai Veyilkayum  ,[3] Mamisapadaippu, [4] Midhavai , [5] Sadhuranga Kuthirai [1993],  and [6] Ettuthikkum Madhayaanai ,  and this novel is also being made into a Tamil Movie called "Padithurai"

His short stories  : He is great story teller and a voluminous short story writer.  he has written 112 short stories . He has also published 9 short story anthologies. Nanjil Nadan was awarded the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award for Tamil  for his Short Story Collection , 'Soodiya Poo Soodarka "in 2010. This  short story collection , "Soodiya Poo Soodarka " was first published in 2007 by Thamizhini publishers and it met  it's second edition in 2009.

His other literary accomplishments :  He is a great essayist and poet ; 5 volumes of essay collections and 2 volumes of Poetry collections are standing to his credit. Some of his most sought after literary works have been translated into  English, Malayalam and French. Nanjil  Nadan's non-fiction book under the title ,"Nanjil Nattu Vellalar Vazhkai ", is one  of his most  famous and  much sought after books.  In this monumental book he picturesquely describes the life style , cultural heritage and social  their relation with  the other community people etc.

Recognition and Awards : [1] Tamil Literary Garden,  honored Nanjil Nadan by awarding the "Iyal Award"" , their life Time  achievement Award  to Nanjil Nadan[2012]. [2] He  also received an Award  for his non fiction writing from the Tamil Literay Garden , Canada, for  his  book , "Nathiyin Pizhaiyandru Narumpunal Inmai " . [3] He was awarded the Ilakkiya Sinthanai Award for his  work , Viradham . [4][ His famous Novel," Sathuranga Kudhirai " bagged him the The Government of Tamil Nadu Literary Award.  [5] He is also the recipient of  the famous , "Kasthuri Sreenivasan Trust Award  ". [6]  He was also reconized with Thirupur Tamil Sangam Award .  [7] He isa proud  recipient of  Kannadasan Award  and [8] Lily Devasahayam Award  .

Conclusion  : As already mentioned he has been loving the" Kamba -Ramayana "consistently, constructively and fervently  . His love for Sangam Tamil Literature is also worth mentioning here ; the titles of  his  Books and Essays will  reveal  his romance for Sangam Tamil Literature   .  He  is  very down to earth  person and has real compassion of the  poor  people belonging to all sections.   His Essay , 'Idhu Pengal Pakkam " : about the unsanitary conditions of the Toilets in  the Girls Schools in Tamil Nadu , created and incited great stir and  public debate , following it's publication in Anandha Vikatan   magazine in 2009.  His writing style is very simple and beautiful .He has natural inclination and fascination towards  the places ,food ,  people and the paddy fields of Nanjil Nadu ,in Kanyakumari District .  Actually we can grasp and read his biographical sketches and traces though his short stories.  Definitely he is one the greatest Tamil Writers and his books are being read by the Tamil readers living throughout the world.  Many of his famous  literary works  have been included  in the curriculum  of  Schools and Colleges.  Veera Narayanamangalam , Nanjil Nadu ,Tamil Nadu and Tamil speaking People are proud of Nanjil Nadan .
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