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Artist Chellapan was  a Born  Artist :  Artist Murasoli Chellappan [Chellam ] was a born Artist. Even while he was an young student, he was attracted by the natural scenic and idyllic  beauty ; generally a small note book and pencil were his inseparable companions ,  and that  habit follows him throughout his life.  As an young man with natural creative urge , artistic look and outlook ,  he used to capture the sight of trees, animals, the azure sky and the sea and  the lovely river etc in his sketch book. So as a creative young man he decided to become a full time Artist so he joined the famous Chitra Drawing School at Nagercoil  to perfect and develop his drawing skill.  After having successfully completed his drawing  Diploma course, he was in search of a suitable placement and opportunity.
                                                  ARTIST  CHELLAPPAN [ CHELLAM]
Chellappan's artistic journey:

Artist Chellappan and  Mr. P.S Mani ; For all the  creative persons  like Artists and Writers their  maiden publication , is a joy for ever . Mr. P.S. Mani of Kanyakumari  district  was a multifaceted personality , he was a freedom fighter ,  politicain , thinker and  journalist . He was  serving as the Editor of a well known journal by name ," KANYAKUMAI" .  P.S. Mani was one the leaders who were  responsible for the formation of "Travancore Tamil Nadu  Congress" along with Marshall Nesamoni and  Sam Nathaniel and others .Mr P.S. Mani with great vision , recognized the artistic talent of the then young Artist Chellappan and published Chellappan's Cartoons regularly in his" Kanyakumari ". The Kanyakumari magazine served as a Take Off Platform for Artist Chellappan.

Young Artist Chellappan Moved to Chennai for better chances:  An inner voice  was consistently urging young Chellappn to move to bigger cities where he could find more opportunities to expose his artistic talents; so motivated by his inner urge and supported by his friends Chellappan moved to Chennai with a Sketch Book and  self confidence . Young Artist  Chellappan straight away entered into a magazine  office , which was located on a flat roof top of a house and stood in front of the Editor of that magazine and that Editor was none other than the great Kalainger M.K. Karunanidhi .  Kalainger ardently looked into the  sample drawings of the young Artist Chellappan and instantly M.K was impressed and Young Chellappan was selected  to work as Artist  in the Weekly  Magazine , MURASOLI .Since that day for forty years Artist Chellappan had been working with MURASOLI.

The Milestones of  His Artistic  Career  :   When Artist Chellappan joined as an Artist in Murosoli, then Kalainger M. Karunanidhi  was serving as it's Editor and Maran was its'  Deputy  Editor and Sornam was it's Assistant Editor.  Afterwards  Mr . A.K. Vilvam , Pandian and others one by one joined the Murasoali team. Kalainger used to give nice picture cuttings from other magazines and journals and would ask Chellappan to draw new pictures in his Drawing Note Book on the basis  and pattern of those pictures . Chellappan accordingly would draw  new Pictures in his  Sketch Book .  According to necessity Kalainger used to select pictures from  Chellappan's  Drawing Book and would use for his Stories and writings.  That was the story of Young Artist Chellappan's early  artistic journey.

Chellappan  and  Kalainger's  novel , Vellikizhamai :  While , Kalainger  Karunanidhi had been writing his famous novel ,"Vellikizhamai " as  series in Murasoli  , Artist  Chellappan was drawing appropriate and arresting pictures, for the Novel Vellikizhamai ;and Chellpan's  pictures matched the  majestic Tamil Style of Kalainger M.K. Karunanidhi .

Chellappan and  Arinjar Anna's Unnaithan Thambi articles: The iconic picture of Anna's raising finger for Anna's  Unnaithan Thambi  Series Articles, was drawn by Artist Chellappan  and that iconic  picture received great  reception and appreciation  from every reader  and corner.

Chellappan and "Andi Mani"and  "Anthu Mani "  Cartoon Series :  Definitely political and social Cartoons are the greatest creative  forms of  art. During the  early days Kalainger , Maran and Artist Chellappan used to share a single  table at Murasoli office .Kalainger used to give ideas for Andi  Pondi and Anthu Mani  Cartoon Series and in his absence  Murasoli  Maran used to give ideas ;at times Artist Chellappan also used  his approved ideas to draw the Andi Pondi and Anthu mani cartoons  . That was the story of Artist Chellappan's artistic travel and trajectory.

He was an Artist of principles  : He is an Artist with principle , When Vai Ko was dispelled from D,M.K, many magazines requested him to draw cartoons  connecting Vai Ko and M.K , for great amount of payment ,but Chellappan  as a loyalist of Kalainger refused to do so.  After a particular period of time
Artist  Chellappan started to  draw pictures and  cartoons for other leading Tamil magazines also . Artist Chellappan has earned a large number of fans  and friends.In recognition of his great forty years of Artistic service and creative contribution to the people  , Artist Chavi and Goblu and the Secretary of Naratha Ganasaba , Chennai , arranged a felicitating meeting to honor Artist Chellappan.

Conclusion ; In  December 1997 , Artist Chellappan was hit by a severe stroke , however he escaped by the loving kindness of God  .By the grace of God , his children , grandchildren are well placed in life and his children, sons- in-law , nephews, nieces and cousins are working in countries  like U.S , Canada , Newzealand etc and occasionally Artist Chellappan and  his wife Parinbamani Chellapan  visit them . Physically Artist Chellappan[Chellam] is a bit weak but the creative spirit , energy and the smiles of his children and  grandchildren ,still keep him in good spirit.

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Famous Artist  Murasoli Mr. S. Chellappan [Chellam] :

The well known Murasoli Artist Mr.S. Chellappan   is a native of Kanyakumari District.  He is a highly talented and shrewd  Artist and Cartoonist  of  global standard. A world famous Cartoon  drawn by Artist  S. Chellappan ,   during Indian  Emergency period[1975-1977] ,  relating Mrs . Indira Gandhi , the then Prime Minister of India was re-published in  the world famous American Jounrnal "Newsweek ". That was the greatness of his creative thinking.  As an Artist and Cartoonist he worked  in  Kalinger's Murasoli for more than forty years  and the  striking and thought provoking  Political  Cartoons that  he did draw and published in the MURASOLI, played a crucial role to remove the then Congress Party  rule .

His Birth , Parents and Siblings :  Murasoli  Artist Chellappan was born at Nagercoil  as the third child to Mr. Subramanian and Marthal  Devahi . Mr. Subramanian  worked as a senior Clerk in the High Court of Travancore  and he was one of a few privileged persons who had the privilege to work as Government Servant,  from his famous native village , Ikkiyanam, near , Nagercoil.  Mr and Mrs .Subramanian were blessed with four sons namely : [1]Mr. Pauliah , [2]Mr. Thangappan ,[3] Artist Chellappan, [4] Mr Sornappan  and a daughter by name Mrs Vimala Muthiah.

Artist Chellappan's Marriage  : Artist S. Chellappan married A. Parinbamani , the lovley daughter of Periyakulam Arulanadam [ Colombo Arulanandam]and Mrs. Rebecca Arulanadam .  Mrs.Parinbamani's brother late Mr. P.A. Muthaiah, B.A, B.L,  was a former North Madras District Congress President and All India Congress Working Committee  Member .  Mr. Muthiah was a leading lawyer at Madras High Court.

Artist Chellappan's Children : Artist Mr. Chellappan and Mrs. Parinbamani Chellappan are blessed with
four brilliant and beautiful daughters  namely[1]Mrs.Vasuki Devi [2] Suganya Devi , [3] Kanchana Devi and [4]Renuka Devi.
[1]Mrs.. Vasuki Devi ThangaDurai : Artist's Chellappan's first Daughter  Mrs.Vasuki Devi , M.A, has married Mr.Thangadurai, B.Com , C.A[doing]  from Nagercoil and this lovely couple is blessed with two lovely daughters :[a]Anjana Sherin , and she is doing her first year B.E,at the prestigious  Anna University, Chennai [b] Sanjana  is doing her  High School Studies , Chennai.

[2] Suganya Devi Chellappan , B.Com:
 Artist Chellappan's second daughter  Suganya Devi  is working in Indian Bank , Chennai .

[3]KanjanaDevi Devadhas , B. F. T, :  Artist Chellappan's third daughter  Kanchana Devedhas has married Mr . Devadhas, an Indian American  from U.S.A,  and this lovely couple is blessed with twin babies [a son and a daughter].  Kanjana lives is USA with her husband and children .  Kanjana  Devadhas  is working as a Graphic Artist in a famous Firm in U.S, and her husband  Devadhas  is also working in a famous Company in USA

[4]Renuka Devi  Rajesh , M.C.S, is the last loving daughter of Artist Chellappan and  Mrs .Parinbamani Chellappan.  Renuka Devi has married Er. Rajesh , B.E,  from Chennai  and both of them are working in Canada.

Some High Lights on Artist Chellappan's Siblings' families  : Artist Chellappan's  siblings and their children are also doing well in life .  Artist Chellappan's  brother Thankappan's eldest daughter is Mrs. Malathi Rani and her  husband Mr. Devnath B. Sc. C.A.I.I.B, is working as the Lead District  Manger, [I.O.B], Nageroil  .Mr  Devnath Ponniah and Mrs. Malathy Rani  Devanath couple's  eldest daughter Ms. Anugraha, B.E, has married Mr. Stephen Babu Jacob,M.C.A; and this couple  is working in USA and is blessed with a baby girl child by name Andrea.. . Devnath's second  daughter Archana Devnath, B.E,  is working at Infosys , Chennai .Mr Thangkappan's son Raja  has married Rachel Sobana[Rachel Sobana is a direct descendant of the great Daniel Paramanadam , the first Deacon of Home Church , Nagercoil]   and this couple's son Brian Mark Kanly is doing his B.E[Bio Medical Engineering ] in Chennai  and Brian's sister is doing her Plus One. Artist Chellappan's brother Mr. Sornappan's  son Clement Prabahar is a businessman and Clements 's son Jaison is doing his B.E, at SRM , Chennai . Sornappan's  second son Sri. Clement Sudhakar, B.E, M.S, has married Ms..D Bindhu, B.E.,and   both of them are working in Newzealand and this couple is blessed with a daughter .Sornappan's daughter Mercy Anita has married Mr. Selvaraj who is working in RBI Auxiliary unit., Chennai.  Artist Chellappan's sister Vimala [working in E. B, Tamil Nadu Govt]has married Mr . Muthiah[Teacher ]  and this couple is blessed with two sons.
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[VIII]   Mr.Richard Moses, B.A.

Introduction   : Mr. Richard Moses was the  8th child of Mr&Mrs. Isaac   Moses.  Richard Moses worked, at the Secretariat , Govt of Tamil Nadu , Chennai and retired as Additional Secretary , Department of Finance,Govt of Tamil Nadu .Mr.Richard Moses  was born at Nagercoil  and after graduation he joined Tamil Nadu Government Secretariat  Service.  He married  cute Padmini ,  a native of a historical village near Nagercoil ,Kanyakumari district ; and  moved to Chennai  and continued  his job at the Secretariat, Chennai . Mr & Mrs. Richard Moses  were blessed with  3  brilliant children .

Mr. Richard Moses' Children :

[1] Dr. Dinakar Moses , M.B.B.S, D.L.O,was the first son of Mr and Mrs. Richard  Moses . Dinakar Moses was a studious student and he did his M.B.B.S at the famous Stanley Medical College, Chennai . he was a 1972 batch M.B.B.S  student .  After obtaining his M.B.B.S degree  he did his  D..L.O. and joined Tamil Nadu Govt Medical  Service and   had been working  as E.N.T, Specialist  Doctor  at the Stanley Medical College, Chennai, till his retirement. He took a keen interest in the activities of the Stanley Medical College Alumni Association ,as its Secretary ,for some years. He married Dr. Anita , M.B.B.S,  and she is now working at Stanley Medical College , Chennai. Dr. Dinakar Moses' only son Vikram, B.E, is doing his M.B.A .

[2] Dr. Anita Jeyaraj , M.B.B.S, D.G.O, is the only loving daughter of Mr  Richard Moses.  Dr Anita married Dr. Jeyaraj, M.B.B.S  , from Coimbatore.  Dr. Anita worked as a Government Doctor  at Central Prison  Hospital, Coimbatore . Dr. Jeyaraj runs his  own  Clinic , "Jeevan " Clinic, at  Gandhipuram ,Coimbatore .This lovely couple is blessed with a son and a daughter. This  Doctor couple's daughter  Leena , M. Sc[Dietitian] has married  Dr. Dinesh , M.P.T., Ph. D,  from Vellore and now Dr. Dinesh is working as Professor of Physiotherapy , in Scotland.    Dr. Dinesh is living in Scottland with his family.  Mrs.Leena Dinesh and Dr. Dinesh are blessed with 2 smart  School going sons; namely Joshua Dinesh and Jonathan Dinesh.  Dr. Dayanand M.B.B.S, is the only son of Dr. Anita  & Dr. Jeyaraj  . Dr. Dayanand  is doing his M.S [Plastic Surgery] . Dr. Daynand  has married Dr Nirupa , M.B.B.S and Nirupa is doing her D.G.O. This couple's  son's name  is Nathaniel  Dayanad.

[3] Richard Moses' third child is Mr. Thomas Moses.   Mr. Thomas  has married S. Anita, daughter of Mr & Mrs Samadhanam, Nagercoil , and now they are living in Brunei  [ Dr. N. Rajendran , M.B.B.S, M.R.C.P , F.R.C.P,   has married  Mrs. Anita's  elder sister  Mrs. Shiela ] . Mr& Mrs Thomas  are blessed with  2  smart sons  ;the first son  is  Dr. Ezekiel , M.B.B.S , and the next son is Dr. Stephen , M.P.T.

[IX]Mrs. Leela Bai Christudhas, B.A, :
Mrs. Leela  Bai  Christdhas  was the ninth and the youngest  lovely daughter  of Mr. Isaac Moses and Thayammal Moses.  Leela Bai  was very industrious , she was highly attached  with all the family members and she was very famous in the family , friend and Church circles. She did her School education at Nagercoil and she was a product of Scott Christian college,and she was a B.A. degree holder.

Leela Bai's married life::   Leela  Bai married  Dr. Christ Dhas , M.B.B.S, a native of  Wattspuram., Thovalai Taluk , Kanyakumari.District .   Dr. Christdhas was a Government Doctor , after having served  as an efficient Doctor  for so many years  in  Tamil Nadu Govrnment Medical Service ,  he retired  as R.M.O . Dr. Christdhas  and Leela Bai  were blessed with three children.

[a] Mr. Vasanthan Christdhas, B. Sc, :  Vasanthan Cristdhas   was the only son of Mrs. Leela Bai and Dr. Christdhas  .  Mr.Vasanthan  Christdhas  married  his relative  Anita , M.A, P.G.D.C.A , from Nagercoil Anita Vasanthan  is a good singer .  Unfortuntely  Mr. Vasanthan  did not live long with his wife and children, at the prime of his youth he passed away.  Mr. Vasantha and Mrs Anita Vasanthan got two  lovely daughters.  This couple's eldest daughter Dr. Jessie  Venita ChristineVasanthan ,M.B.B.S,  has been working as D.D.M.O at the Government E.S.I  Hospital , Pondichery. and the second daughter  Jeniffer Christine Vasanth is doing her  third year ,M.B.B.S at the famous Venketeswara Medical College , Pondichery.

[b] Mrs. Romala , M.Sc :  Mrs. Romala Isaac Christian Moses, is  the  eldest daughter of Mrs. Leela Bai and Dr. Christdhas.  She married, her maternal uncle Mr Arthur's son Dr. Isaac Christian Moses.  Dr. Isaac Christian Moses was the HOD of Cardiology Department , at CMCH and also  he worked as the Deputy Medical Superintendent of Coimbatore Medical College Hospital. Now Dr. Isaac Christian Moses is working as Dean of Stanley Medical College, Chennai .This couple is blessed with  a son and two daughters [twins].  This couple's son Ivan  Moses, M.B.B.S  is working as a Govt doctor at the Govt Hospital, Dindugal .Mrs. Romala Isaac and Dr.Isaac Christian Moses'   twin daughters namely Catherine Marthal and Catherine Maria  are doing their M.B.B.S final year at Vinayaga Mission Medical College, Salem . Mrs. Romala Isaac is running a School in Coimbatore and also this  family  runs their own Hospital in Coimbatore  by name , "Bethesda Hospital "  .

[c] Mrs, Cynthia Inba  Sekar , M.Sc, M.Phil  : Mrs. Cynthia Inba Sekar is the youngest daughter of Mrs Leela Bai and Dr.  Christdhas .  Cynthia  Christdhas married Dr. Inba Sekar. M.B.B.S, M.D, D.M.  Dr . Inba Sekar is one of the famous and efficient Cardiologists in Kanyakumari Disrtict and Tamil Nadu.  Dr. Inba Sekar in tune with his long term ambition and vision has established his own Muti Speciality Hospital , 'INBA Multi Speciality Hospital , opposite of the District Club , K.P. Road ,  Nagercoil.  This Couple is blessed with one daughter and one son. This couple's daughter Inba Priyanka was a student of Madras Medical College , Chennai and she  has successfully finished her M.B.B.S . Dr Cynthia Inba Sekar's  son Inba Praveen is doing his M.B.B.S ,in the prestigious Madras.Medical.College [MMC] , Chennai .

Conclusion :  Definitely  UPASI  ISAAC MOSES and his  succeeding successful family members  have become a part of the  shining and shimmering  history of Kanayakumari district and Tamilnadu. The readers of these Posts and the family members are bound to remember  the great UPASI Isaac Moses  and his loving wife Thayammal Moses who was a direct descendant  of Mylaudy Maharasan Vethamanickam,  the real founder of Protestant Christianity in South Travancore .  This family has been making outstanding and indelible imprints and contributions  in many walks of life . We are proud of them .

P. BABU  MANOHARAN. M.A,  [Rights reserved, This Article will be altered , modified and corrected later, if needed]

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[VII ] Mr. Arthur  Devadhas  Moses :
Mr. Arthur  Devadhas Moses was the  seventh child  Mr.& Mrs.Isaac Moses [UPASI]. He was friendly and cordial with friends , relatives  and the workers  and so he  was well liked by everybody. He spent major portion of his life at Coonoor  . He was also called and known  as UPASI  Arthur .  He also joined U.P.A.S.I. , at Nagercoil and then shifted to  U.P.A.S.I, Coonoor.

Mr .Arthur Devadhas Moses'  family and children : Mr. Arthur  Devadhas Moses married  Grace Packiamuthu a daughter of Rev Christian  of  Nagercoil  . Before her marriage Grace Packiamuthu  worked   as a Staff Nurse  .They started their connubial  life at the lovely and arresting  verdant pastures and plains  of Coonoor  .Mr. Arthur Devadhas Moses  and Mrs. Grace  Packiamuthu Arthur are blessed with  three daughters and a son .

Mr&Mrs . Arthur  Devadhas Moses and their Children :

[1]] .Prof. Dr. Suseela  Thayammal Ebenezer , Ph. D, was Mr .Arthur's eldest daughter and she worked and  retired as H. O. D  . Krishnammal Women's college , Coimbatore. Unfortunately Prof . Dr. Suseela Thayammal is no more with us today.  Her Husband Er. Dr. Ebenezer , M.E, Ph.D ,retired as Principal of Govt College of Technology , Salem . After retirement  Dr. Ebenezer works as Director  ,Ramakrishna S.N.R College , Coimbatore. This couple's eldest daughter Nita Subhashini  ,B.E.,  is a computer Engineer  and she has married  Er. Arun Kumar,B.E, who is working at T.C.S Chennai  and this couple is blessed with a smart son .

[2] Mr. and Mrs. Arthur's next daughter is Indra Muthammal  and she  has  married her paternal cousin Dr. May Thiru Annal , B.V.Sc,who retired as Additional Director of Animal Husbandry Department , Govt of Tamil Nadu. This couple 's daughter Mini , B.E, has married Er. John , B.E, who is now working at H.C.L , Chennai .  Mr& Mrs.May Thiru Annal's  son Mervin Sam , B.E, is working in  a reputed Company , in Coimbatore.

[3] Mr&Mrs. Arthur's third daughter Jessie is married to Mr  R. Roy Surendra , M.Sc. C.A.I.I.B, M.B.A.   Mr. Roy Surendra was a  brillinat student of M.Sc  Physics at the prestigious Madras Christian College , Tambaram , Chennai .  He started his  illustrious  banking career as an Officer at the State Bank of Travancore , he quickly and deservedly got promotions one by one .  He  had the  prestigious privilege  to work as   Deputy General Manager of the State Bank of Hyderabd , State Bank of Mysore and after an illustrious career in the banking sector he  retired as the General Manager of the State Bank of Patiala . Then following that he worked as General Manager [Credit ] of Tamil Nadu Mercantile  Bank , Tuticorin for some period of time. Now Mr. Roy Surendra works as the official  Honorary Secretary, Bishop Appasamy College of Arts and Sciences , Coimbatore.  This couple is blessed with   two smart daughters . This couple's eldest daughter Rajana Magdalene , B.E,, M.B.A, is working at T.C.S, Coimbatore as Consultant, and her husband Mr. Henry Santhakumar , is a business  man.  Mr & Mrs. Roy Surendra's youngest  daughter Rachel Priyadharshini , B.Tech  is working in  Infosys and currently working in U.S on deputation.

[4] Mr& Mrs. Arthur Mose's last child and only son Dr. Isaac Christian Moses , M.B.B.S, M.D,  was working as the Deputy Medical Superintendent , at the Govt  Medical College Hospital , Coimbatore.[CMCH].  Dr. Isaac Christian Moses was also the Head of the   Department of Cardiology, C.M.C.H.   Dr.Isaac Christian Moses was recently promoted  as Dean and  transferred  and was working as Dean at the Government Medical College Hospital, Chengalpattu, Tamil Nadu. Dr. Isaac Christian Moses was very recently transferred to the prestigious Stanley Medical College , Chennai as its DEAN and today [16th June 2015],  he has assumed Charge as the Dean of Stanley Medical College, Chennai.. Dr. Isaac Christian Moses has married , his paternal aunt Mrs. Leela Bai Christudhas' daughter  Thai Romala Vanmathi , M.Sc, and this couple is blessed with one son and two daughters [Twins]. Dr. Isaac Christian Moses's son Dr. Ivan Moses , M.B.B.S, is working as  Doctor at the Govt Hospital , Dindugal. The twin daughters namely Catherine Marthal and Cathrine Maria are doing their M.B.B.S , final year at Vinayaga Mission Medical College , Salem.. Dr Ivan Moses has married Dr. Johana Pearlin, daughter of Dr. Mrs. Rachel  Nesaraj [Former Director  and C.M,O,  of G.H. Ambur ] and Dr Joel Nesaraj [Former Director and H.O.D of Medicine , Bethesda Hospital, Ambur]

                                     Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor
                                   Dr. Isaac Christian Moses [L ] and Me [R]

Conclusion : Really  Mr. Arthur Devadhas Moses and his sons ,  sons  in-law, daughters, daughters -in-law. grand-children have made spectacular intellectual , educational , economic and professional advancements and have become shining Milestones in many walks of life . Their profiles really occupy an important  place in  the history of Kanyakumari  district and Tamil Nadu.

P. BABU MANOHARAN, M.A, .[ Rights reserved. This Article will be modified , altered and corrected if needed later].]

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[V] Mr. Charles Vethamanickam Isaac Moses, B.A  :  
Mr . Charles V.I. Moses was the fifth child of Mr. Isaac Moses  and Thayammal Moses.   He was a very intelligent student , so his father Isaac Moses sent him  to the Medical College to study M.B.B.S ,with great expectation but due to some reasons he discontinued his Medical College studies and took a BA degree. Then he joined the military service  and served in the Army for  some years,and then he joined the Accountant General's Office , Chennai and retired as Accounts Officer.

His married life:  
Mr. Charles V.I. Moses married Padma Stephenson , the daughter Mr. Stephenson of Malaysia ,who long back went from Kanyakumari district and settled in Malaysia.  Mrs .Padma Charles  is  awesomely beautiful and this couple led a very fine  conjugal life till Charles' death , now Mrs  Padma is living a lonely life, in her old age. In this connection I think it is proper and pertinent to mention about Padma's dynamic brothers namely [1] Mr. S. Raja  , [2] . Mr. Reginald Manoharan . Mr S. Raja served as  journalist in a  English News Paper in Malaysia . Mr Reginald Manoharan, M.A,  served in the Malaysian Government as the Secretary General of Manpower Resource Department , Govt of Malaysia. and after retirement he  had the privilege to work in the U.N.O in a very high Post. .

His death. :Unfortunately  Mr. Charles Moses is no more with us  and he is survived by his widowed wife and other close relatives..

[VI] . Mr. Henry Daniel Moses , M.Sc,  ;  
Mr. Henry Daniel Moses  was  the sixth Child of UPASI Isaac Moses and Thayammal Moses and he  is generally known as H.D. Moses . He was an alumni of Scott Christian College , Nagercoil..  He passed his B.A, [Hons]in Physics  with flying colors . He started his professional career as a Pysics lecturer  in a College in Pune.  After the death of his father  Mr. Isaac Moses  , Mr H. D. Moses joined United Planters Association of South India [UPASI] at Coonoor. Then he shifted to Brook Bond Co at Coimbatore and worked  for a long period as  Administrative Officer  and in that  capacity he successfully conducted many cases at the Supreme Court of India  on behalf  of  Brook Bond co .

His married life   : H.D. Moses married Leelavathy, M. Sc, and Mrs. Leelavathy H.D. Moses started her teaching career  as Zoology Lecturer at Nirmala College , Coimbatore  and retired as the H.O.D of Zoology Department. in the same College . Mr and Mrs H.D. Moses were blessed  two outstanding sons namely Dr. Vijayakumar Moses and Dr. Prabhahar Moses .

His children: [a] Dr. Vijayakumar Moses, M.B.B.S, M.D, M.B.A[DePaulUniversity,U.S],M.P.A,is one of the globally renowned   Child Specialists . He has added  many feathers to his medical career.. From April 1980 to  April 1982 he worked as Medical Epidemiologist  at the Centre for Disease Control, USA. As Rockfeller Foundation Fellow Scholar he conducted a 30 year[ 1950-1979] Maternal Mortality Analysis for the State of Oklahama , USA and established Tubal Sterilization Surveillance System across American States.  He has also worked  from February 2001 to December 2006 ,as  Program Specialist , Health and Nutrition and Acting Representative at United Nations Children Fund [UNICEF].  He has also worked as the Chief Executive Officer at Aga Khan Health Service , India.  .Like this he has served  in many important medical institutions both in India and abroad with great distinction . Finally Dr. VijayaKumar Mose workd as the Chief of ,Young Child Survival Development [YCSD], project , UNICEF  at Cairo , Egypt from January 2007 to May 2013 .After retirement from UNICEF  currently  since  August 2013  he  has been  working as Director of Immunization Technical Support Unit [I.T.S.U] at Public Health Foundation of India [P.H.F] , New Delhi. He has also published many research articles in some  International Research Journals .Dr. Vijayakumar has married Mrs .Premila,  a daughter of Mr George of Nagercoil  a former high ranking officer at WHO.   Dr . Vijaya Kumar and Premila Vijaya kumar are blessed with one son and a daughter . Vijayakumar's son Mr Ananth Vijayakumar  Moses  has got two MBA [Finance]degrees  from U.S Universities and is working  as Finance manager in a famous company in US.  Dr Vijayakumar's daughter Dr. Roshini , MBBS   has got married recently  and her husband is also an  M.B.B.S  doctor.

[b] Dr. Prabhahar Moses , M.B.B.S, M.D, M.R.C.P[UK]. , F.R.C.P[UK] : Dr. Prabhahar Moses worked in the Christian Medical College [CMC], Vellore as Professor of Paediatrics and retired after a long service of 30 years on may 9, 2012. He joined the Department of Child Health , CMC, as a faculty in 1981.He was the H.O.D of Child Health  department , CMC,from 2001 to 2005.  He also served as Additional Deputy Medical Superintendent , CMC, from 1998 to 2002. He  had the privilege to serve as the Associate Medical Superintendent, CMC,  from 2009 to 2012. His wife Mrs. Grace Moses is an English Lecturer  in the College of Nursing , CMC . Dr.Prabhahar  Moses' son Immanuel  is doing his first year MBBS in CMC, Vellore.  Dr. Prabhahar Moses' articles have been published in many famous international medial  research journals ; and some his  research  writings have been included as Chapters in Paediatric Text Books in Medical Colleges.

Conclusion ;  Mr H.D. Moses , after retirement  worked as Deputy  Administrator , at CMC , Vellore . Then he worked as Consultant of L.C.M.S , at the I.E.L.C  office at Nagercoil .He was unassuming but very efficient and bold  and also he was a born Administrator.  He is no more with us . Definitely H.D. Moses was an outstanding person . Dr. Vijayaskumar  Moses  and Dr, Prabhahar Moses have really imprinted indelible imprints  in the history of Kanyakumari district and Tamil Nadu. and have brought   outstanding fame and accomplishment  to UPASI Isaac Moses's family  and also to Kanyakumari District..[ This post will be updated shortly ]

P.  BABU MANOHARAN, M.A, .    [Rights reserved. This Article will be altered , modified and corrected later, if needed]

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[II.]  Mrs. Rajammal Sathyadhas  :   Mrs.  Rajammal Sathyadhas was the second daughter of  Mr and Mrs Isaac Moses[UPASI]. Rajammal was born at Nagercoil and she married Mr . Sathya Dhas , B.A, L.T, , a native of Thenkasi .Mr. Sathya Dhas retired as  Govt High School Head Master .  This lovely couple was blessed with one daughter and four sons , and out of these children ,one son [second child] died  at the prime of his promising career as Doctor [Indian Medicine].  Mrs.  Kamala Bai is the eldest daughter of  Mr.& Mrs.Sathyadhas , and Kamala Bai worked as a Teacher.  The third child  of Mrs . Rajammal Sathyadhas and Mr Sathyadhas  is  Dr. May Arul Selvan , M.B.B.S, D.C.H [ Ireland] , and he married  Shanti , the eldest daughter of Mr. P. Arulanantham [The Owner of Magi Complex , Vetturnimadam , Nagercoil].Dr. May Arul  Selvan and Mrs  Shanti Selvan are blessed with a daughter and a son . The daughter of Dr. May Arul Selvan and Mrs Shanti  Selvan ,  Mrs.Carolin Mettilda ,did  her  B.Sc [Nursing] in Newzealand  . Caroline Mettilda  has  married  an U.S citizen by name Mr. Mathew John  and is  living in US with her family. Mr.Irwin Paul , the son of Mr and Mrs. May Arul  Selvan has  finished a degree course in Computer Science.   Dr. May Arul Selvan  is working  as  medical Doctor and living in Australia with his wife Shanti and son Irwin Paulson. . The fourth child of Mrs . Rajammal Sathyadhas  is Er. Iniyan , B.E. who worked as an Engineer in the Tank Factory , Avadi .,Chennai.. Iniyan married a girl from  Chennai and Mr and Mrs Iniyan are blessed with 2 sons and both the sons are B.E. graduates .Mrs. Rajammal Sathydhas' last son is Dr. May Thiru Annal , B.V.Sc, ,retired as Additional  Director of Animal Husbandry Department, Govt of Tamil Nadu.. He has married his maternal  uncle Mr. Arthur's daughter Mrs. Indra Muthammal and this couple is blessed with a daughter [Mini, B.E] and a son[ Mervin Sam, B.E].

U.P.A.S.I.  Isaac Moses and Thayammal Moses

[III] Mr. Stephenson Moses : Mr . Stephenson Moses was  the eldest son of Isaac Moses and Thayammal Moses . He was very balanced , kind  and  modest and  he worked in the Indian Railways and retired as Station Master . Mr Stephenson married  Thangammal  Peter, the daughter of Lamuel Peter [ Mr. Lamuel  Peter was the first cousin of Mr. C.M. Augur , B.A, the Author of the monumental book , "Church History  of Travancore",] and also a  great granddaughter of the legendary  first Deacon of Nagercoil Home Church ,Mr Daniel Paramanandam . This Stephenson couple's   only daughter  Dr Lalithambal , M.B.B.S,   has married Er Roy , B.E, . and this couple's son Vimal Roy B.E, works as  Engineer, and their  only daughter works as  teacher .

[IV]  Prof. Miss, Jessie Bai Moses : The fourth child of Mr. Isaac Moses and Rajammal Moses was Jessie Bai Moses and both physically and intellectually  Jessie Bai was very beautiful. She did her B.A[Hons] in a famous College at Trivandrum  and  the famous former Vice Chancellor of Calicut University, late Mr. N.A. Noor Mohamad was her  classmate.  Miss. Jessie Bai Moses  passed her  B.A. [Hons] with flying colors  and started her teaching career as a History Lecturer in  the famous American College , Madurai and continued her teaching career in the same College for a very long period of time and retired as  Professor and H.O.D of the History Department of American College, Madurai.  Now she is no more with us .

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U.P.A.S.I  Isaac Moses' Family :  Mr. Isaac Moses' family is one of the oldest and  famous  Christian families of Kanyakumari District. They have become milestones in many walks of life and the  profiles of the 
important descendants of Mr. Isaac Moses[UPASI]  will be concisely dealt with ,in this Post.

[ I]. Mrs. Joyce Samraj :  Joyce  was the first daughter of  UPASI  Isaac Moses and Thayammal Moses. Joyce Moses was married to Mr. G.Samraj , B,A, L.T , the first son of Rev. Gnanamuthu Jesudasan , the first ordained Pastor of M.E.L.I.M[India Evangelical Lutheran Church]. Mr. Samraj and Joice were blessed with 4 children .Mr. Samraj was a versatile musician and an adept both in western  and eastern music. He had the privilege of working as the Studio Violinist  at the famous Gemini Studio , Chennai and he was well liked by Gemini Vasan . For many years he worked as high School Teacher  at the Concordia High Schools at Nagercoil and Ambur  and also  he worked as teacher at  the Danish Mission High School at Thiruvannamalai.

Children of  Mrs .Joyce  Samraj and Mr.J.  Samraj  :

Mr.Chandra Jesudasan :   Mr Chandra Jesudasan , B.A, L.T, was the first child of  Mrs Joyce Samraj and Mr. J. Samraj  and he was  a great versatile  musician like his father Mr. Sam Raj . He was a violinist, Flutist and  Pianist of very high order . Chandra Jesudasan  was student at the famous Scott Christian College , Nagercoil,  and he was very popular among his friends  and  Mr. R. Lakshmipathy [ Publisher and Partner of  DinamalarTamil Newspaper ] the present Chairman   of  the Press Trust of India  was Chandra's classmate and friend. After his graduation he worked as a Teacher at the famous Madras Christian College High School, Madras[Chennai]. Then  he joined the Madras Corporation Band and worked as its Band Master.   Then he joined the Indian Military and worked as  Militaty Band  Master at Pachmari , North India .He married a girl by name Jassi[Jasmin] from Madras. Then he with his family moved to Aden and worked as a Teacher at the St. Joseph's High School , Aden[South Yemen] . There he joined  the British Army stationed at Aden as a Violinist and efficaciously worked as a Violinist in the British Army Band.  God blessed Mr.Charndra and  Mrs. Jassi Chandra and  a lovely male child  was born  to them on 26th February 1961 , and they christened their  son as Vijay Stephen Jesudasan .Unfortunately and  unexpextedly  the great musician Chandra Jesudasan died due to heart attack at Eden .   Then Mrs Jassi with her son Vijay Stephenson Jesudasan moved to U.S.. Vijay finished his computer related study in US and married a beautiful  girl by name Sabitha from Madras . Years  moved  fast , Vijay and Sabitha Vijay were blessed with 5 chilren [Jessica, Jason, Angelica, Jonathan and Joshua Jesudasan ]. The heartless  fatal wave was hitting this family again and again without any kindness , as a result unexpectedly  Vijay  Jesudasan  died at the age of 40 in US on 18 August , 2001, in U.S.  Now Sabitha with her children are living in US.

Reverend Gnanamuthu Jesudasan and Mrs Manonmani Jesudasan and children.

Mrs. Mohana Kesari Raj : Mohana is the first daughter of  Samraj and Joyce Samraj.  Mohana  was married to Mr Kesari  Raj  and they are blessed with two sons and a daughter namely Mr.Rajkumar, Mr. Mohan Kumar  and Mrs Elizabeth washington . Rajkumar is doing Real Estate Business  and  his wife is working in Ponds Co , Chennai; and their son is doing his B.E, and the daughter is doing Plus two.  Mohana's only daughter  Mrs . Dr. K.Elizabeth Premkumari  is working as Associate Professor and Head of  the Department  of Commerce at the famous Queen Mary's College ,Chennai . Elezabeth's husband Mr. M.G. Washington  worked in the Indian Railways and retired now.  Mr Washington and Prof. Elizabeth are blessed with a  son and a daughter; their  son  Dilip Moses is an MBA graduate and the daughter is doing her B. Tech. Mr. Mohan Kumar is the youngest son of Mr & Mrs . Kesari Raj , and he is a Master degree holder and now works as an  officer ,in Avin, Chenaai. His wife Mrs. Caroline Mohan Kumar is working as a Teacher in a Methodist, Higher Secondary  School , Chennai. Mr. Mohan kumar and Mrs.  Caroline Kumar  are  blessed with a son and a daughter ; and their son Dr. Santhosh Kumar  has passed  his M.B.B.S degree [ Russia ]and their daughter Nithya Arthi , is a  M,Tech , degree holder and  Nithya's  husband  is also a B.E graduate  .Both Nitha  Arthi and her husband are working in  good companies in Chennai.

J.S.Moses Manoharan :   Mr. Moses Manoharan is the third child of Mr. Samraj and Joice Samraj . Mr. Moses  Manoharan retired as Administrative Officer , Govt Medical Dept, Tamil Nadu. .Moses Manoharan married Ramani [Staff Nurse , Medical Dept , Govt of Tamil Nadu and Mrs Ramani is a Konkan Brhahmin Convert]. Moses Manoharan and Ramani Manoharan are blessed with two sons and one daughter namely : Suresh Manoharan,  Gunesekaran Manoharan and Joyce Sharmila . Out of these three children Gunesekaran left this world at the prime of his youth.   Suresh Manoharan married a beautiful girl from Chennai by name Sujatha [A Kannada Brahmin ] and they are blessed with a  son and a daughter . Suresh is working in Muscat.  Suresh's son is a B.E, graduate and he is now working in  Qatar and Suresh's daughter is doing her B.C.A .  Moses Manoharan's only daughter  Joyce Sharmila is married to Mr. Joseph Arul Finney Abraham. Mrs.   Joice sharmila  J.A. Finney abraham  is a B.Sc [Nursing ] and now she works in U.K. in the N.H.S  [National Health Service , U.K]and her husband  Mr. Joseph Arul Finney Abraham has passed his M. Pharm in U.K[University of Suderland}. Mrs . Joice Finney and J.A. Finney Abram are blessed with a beautiful and talented daughter by name," Achsah" and she is doing her Std X in U.K. .

Mrs.Saroja  Jeya Seelan :  Mrs. Saroja  Jeya Seelan  is the fourth child  of  Mrs and Mr Samraj. Saroja Samraj was married to Mr. Jeyaseelan  from  Vellore who  worked in the  Govt Cooperative Department and retired. This couple's first daughter Dr. Ramola, M.Com , Ph. D,  was married to Rev Isaac Moon and Rev Isaac Moon was a former President of I.E. L.C [India Evangelical Lutheran Church].Dr. Romala Isaac Moon is working  as  Professor at the famous V.I.T. University, Vellore.  Dr. Ramola and  Rev.Isaac Moon are blessed with one son and three daughters, namely [1]Mr.I.Abraham Milton, B. Tech,[Cognizant] , [2] Ms.I.Elizabeth Rebecca,B.Tech, [Accenture], [3]Ms. I. Joyce Sara, B.E, [Accenture] and Ms. I. Roseline Stephanie [ Roseline is doing her M.A. English Literature at Madras Christian College Chennai.].Mrs . Saroja Jeya Seelan's second daughter is Mrs. Chitra and she was married to Er. Edwin. Mrs. Dr. Chitra Edvin, M.Sc, Ph.D, is working as  Associate Professor of  Mathematics, at the famous Lady Doak College , Madurai  and Er .Edvin is working as a Senior Engineer in  the Telephones Department . Prof. Chitra Edwin and Er. Edwin are blessed with a son and a daughter  and this couple's son Mr. Jerald  Edwin ,B.E, M.S [U.K] is working in a senior position  at the famous B.M.W .Car Company, in U.K. ; and their daughter Benita Edwin is doing her B.Tech at the prestigious V.I.T , Vellore .Mrs .Saroja Jeya Seelan's third daughter Usha  [is working with the famous Sierushti International School [CBSE}, Vellore as PG English teacher and  she was selected as one of the best English Teachers by the Ministry of Educaation , Govt of India and was appreciated with a citation]  and Usha was married to Mr Paulson  and this couple is blessed with two lovely daughters namely[1]Ruby Paulson,M.Tech, [2] Sahina Paulson, M.Tech,.  Mrs  Ruby Paulson was married to Mr. Samuel Raj, M.S[Engineering] and Er Samuel Raj is working as Games Designer in a famous company by name  Zinga , Bangalore. Ms.Sahina Paulson,, is working with LNT [Chennai].Mrs Saroja Jeyaseelan's  fourth daughter  Asha ,M,Sc, was married to Mr Raj Prabhu  and this couple is blessed with a son and a daughter.

Mrs. Pankajam :  Mrs.Pankajam is the youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs. Samraj.   Pankajam is married to Mr. Norman and Mr . Noman worked as an Accountant in the Telephones Dept  and their only son Prabahar Norman M.C.A. , is working as the Manager in the New Light Computer Institution , Bangalore and his wife Esther Prabhahar is also working in the same institution.   Prabhar and Esther are blessed with a Son and they live in Bangalore.
[Part III  will continue soon].

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   U.P.A.S.I  Issac Moses   was one of the greatest sons of kanyakumari distrct . He was one of the famous Deacons of the Home Church , Nagercoil and his wife Thayammal was one of  the direct descendants of the legendary Mylaudy Maharasasn Vethamanickam.. He was  serving as the Chief Agent of the United Planters Association Of South India[U.P.A.S.I.] at Nagercoil . So he was generally  known as UPASI  Isaac Moses .

His  date of birth and place of birth :  Mr.  Isaac  Moses was born at a beautiful village, located on the feet of Maruthuvazh  Malai , [Medicine Hill] , near Mylaudy , in Nanjil  Nadu , Kanyakumari district , called "Osaravillai " , on 12th April, 1885,  in a good christian family.

His  married life   :  Mr. Isaac  Moses was privileged to  get  Thayammal , a direct descendant of Mylaudy Maharasan Vethanmanickam ,as his wife .This lovely couple were blessed with 9 children . As  Isaac Moses got a responsible job  at the United Planters Association , Nagercoil ,as Agent to recruit people to work in the  lovely Estates in Ceylon   and Estates in South India , he was provided with a beautiful Bungalow at the UPASI compund ,Vettoornimadam ,Nagercoil . Moses moved to the UPASI  bungalow at Vettoornimadam ,Nagercoil  along with his wife Mrs. Thayammal  Isaac Moses . Isaac  Moses as  the Chief Agent of United Planters Association of South India  , recruited hundreds of people from Kanyakumari district and the neighboring districts  to work as Plantation workers in  the Tea and Coffee Estates located on the beautiful mountain slopes of Ceylon and South India .

His Children : Isaac Moses and his wife Thayammal took active part in the  Church  oriented  activities. Mr Isaac Moses and Thayammal were blessed with 9 blessed children :[1] Their first daughter Mrs. Joyce Samraj ,was the Daughter -in-law of the Rev. Gnanamuthu Jesudasan , the First Ordained Pastor of Lutheran Mission [M.E.L.I.M.-I.E.L.C.] ,[2] Mrs. Rajammal Sathiadhas, [3] Mr. Stphenson Moses, [4]Prof. Miss.Jessie Bai  Moses [Former H.O.D  of History Dept , American College  , Madurai], [5] Mr. Charles Vethamanickam Isaac Moses ,[6]  Mr. Henry Daniel Moses,[ Former Administrative officer, Brook Bond  Company],[7] Mr. Arther  Moses  [8] Mr. Richard Moses [Former Joint Secretary , Finance Dept, Govt of Tamil Nadu.],[9] and  Mrs. Leela Bai  Christudhas , the wife of late Dr .Christudhas ]

He served as the Deacon of the Nagercoil Home Church  :  U.P.A.S.I  Isaac Moses   was elected as a Deacon of the historical Nagercoil Home Church in 1936 and he served as the deacon for 9 years continuously till his death . As a  Deacon of the Nagercoil Home church , he diligently and faithfully worked for 9 years  from 1939 to 1945.  Moreover he served  efficaciously  as the Head of the Property Committee of the Home Church , Nagercoil

He passed away   :   UPASI Isaac Moses  died on 7th December , 1945.   His  corpse was interred  at the Nagercoil  Home Church Cemetery . As a  Deacon , UPASI Isaac Moses  served the Home Church, Nagercoil   for 9 years . He was very sharp, intelligent, hard working ,  magnanimous and God fearing.. He was well respected by the Pastors , fellow Deacons and fellow Christians.  His Funeral Service  was conducted  by Rev . Paul Nesamani; and  Mr. J. M. Joseph [ Former Head Master of Scott Christian High School, Nagercoil], Mr. D.M. Jesudhas, and Revd. J. E. Kesari , paid fitting tributes to  the departed Isaac Moses- Deacon.  He is no more with us , but definitely as one of the most  efficacious and  dynamic Deacons of the Nagercoil Home Church , he will  live long  in the  history of Nagercoil Home Church .
[The  inspiring  Profiles of his Children  and Grand Children  will  be dealt with in Part  II.]

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Introduction: In the present day globalized world English media journalism plays definitely a great and crucial role to connect the people of various Countries and Continents with various types of  news and information. Kanyakuamri  District in tune with its high literacy, has  proudly produced many promising and talented English Media Journalists . In continuation of the related previous Posts in this regard , this Post deals with two great journalists  from Kanyakumari District namely , Mr. Kollappan Bagavathy and  Mr .D. Karthikeyan, both from "The Hindu " Newspaper.

[1]Kolappan Bagavathy and his birth and education   : Kolappan  Bagavathy is working as a Senior Journalist with The Hindu ,Newspaper , Chennai.  He was born  at Nagercoil,  in Kanyakumari district on 25th September , 1969 . He did his collegiate education at the  famous S.T. Hindu College , Nagercoil.

His journalist career : Kolappan Bagavathy  in line with his natural inclination , joined as a Reporter in the New Indian Express and served in the the same News Paper, for a very long period of time , as a  journalist. Then he shifted to The Hindu News Paper . As on date he is working as a senior Journalist ,in The HINDU,Chennai.

Conclusion ;  Kolappan Bagavathy  by nature is  very calm, unassuming  and very sincere in discharging his journalistic responsibilities.  He lives  in Chennai .  By his reporting and  writings in"The Hindu"  as a journalist he has been adding  fame and literary and intellectual  laurels to Kanyakumari District.

[2]D. Karthikeyan ,   Principal Correspondent , The Hindu, Madurai :  D. Karthikeyan  is a native of Kanayakumari and he is definitely one of the very promising young English Media Journalists  in India ..

His Birth , Parents, Family and Education :   Karthikeyan is a native of  an  enchanting  and  idyllic village called Aralvaimozhi, Thovalai Taluk, in  Kanyakumari District. He was born as the second child  to  Dr. P. Damodaran and Mrs.Bhavani Damodaran of Aralvaimozhi. His father Dr. P. Damodaran , M.A, Ph.D, retired  as the H.O.D , History Department , Government Arts College , Coimbatore  and his Mother is working as  Tamil  P.G. Assistant and she is a native of Shenbagaramanputhur, Tovalai Taluk , in Kanyakumari district. Dr. P . Damodaran is also a great writer in English , he has written some books in English ::[1] Beacon  Light of  Dravidians -A Torch bearer of Tamils , [2] Sophoclean plays -A Study, [3] Makers of Modern India , and some other books.

His siblings :  Karthikeyan's elder sister is Dr. Uma Maheswari, MSc[Agri], Ph. D , his younger sister is Yesodha Premkumari ,M.A, M.Phil ,Ph.D[Doing] and his youngest brother is Prahadesh , B.E, M.B.A,  .
His Education :  D.Karthikeyan successfully  finished his School  studies in a Government aided Christian School in Coimbatore , and he did his B.B.A  and Master of Business Economics [M.B.E] , in the  famous PSG Arts and Science college , Coimbatore with flying colours .  He is blessed with natural flair for knowledge and achievement , so he went to Calcutta and  did his M.Phil with a vision , in the  famous," Centre for the Studies in Social Sciences" , Calcutta. He has also done a P.G. Diploma in  Journalism , in the famous  Asian   School of  Journalism.  Unable to  secure a Fellowship for  Ph.D , in the prestigious London School of Economics , London , U.K ; he entered journalism .

D. Karthikeyan  as a Journalist  : D. Karthikeyan had been working as a successful Principal Correspondent,  in The HINDU, Madurai . As a powerful Journalist he championed the cause of social justice through his mind blowing and powerful stories and  striking articles.  He has a commendable command over English language . No doubt he will  reach greater heights in the field of Journalism , Politics Economics and Writing .

Some high lights of his global  achievements :  In this century of Knowledge , if  people  have competitive and competent knowledge,  then  such people can  reach unthinkable and  great height in life with the help of knowledge. This is true in the case of many Indians including  D. Karthikeyan , Principal Correspondent, The Hindu, Madurai, Tamil Nadu  .  During the month of March,  for two days , 29th and 30th of  2013 , there was an International Workshop  held at the famous South Asia Center ,University of Pennsylvania , U.S .A; under the title , "Contested Space Workshop- A Workshop on Politics &Representations of Space in South Asia ". As a Panelist D. Karthikeyan  had the privilege to read his paper on the Title,"Contentious Space: Guru Puja as Public Performance and the Production of Political Community " along with   great intellectuals and scholars from famous Universities like ,  University of Pennsylvnia, University of Delaware, Columbia University  etc.

Conclusion : Within a short period of time with his beautiful and peculiar style of  English writing , he has become one of the well respected and liked Reporters of The Hindu, internationally . Already  by his writing and intellectual  accomplishments , he has  really made his parents and the people of Kanyakumari  District and Tamil Nadu to be proud of him . He is a great Fighter , obstacles did try to block  him  but with iron will he has been surmounting those obstacles and blocks with great conviction and courage . Definitely  he will achieve and accomplish great things in life , because this  is the century of knowledge.

[D. Karthikeyan  has very recently resigned  from  The Hindu , and now he is doing his Ph.D ,  at the University  of  Edinburgh , U.K .   But he continues to write articles in The Hindu , Economic and Political Weekly and in some other journals ]

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